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Case History - Edgar Rolf Mandelstam

Edgar Rolf Mandelstam, a town planner and engineer, was born in Berlin in 1913 and died intestate in London in 2001, leaving an estate valued at over five hundred thousand pounds. His father Felix was a composer born in Riga Latvia in 1879. Through our research in seven countries in Europe and South America we successfully traced six generations of ancestors from their origins in Lithuania in the early 1700's to the last entitled member of the family who died in Buenos Aires Argentina. Regrettably, as there are no living beneficiaries, the estate will fall to the British Crown once the period of time permitted to file a claim has elapsed. During the course of our research we came across reference to a portrait (above centre) entitled 'Die Dame in Schwarz' of Anela Dobranicki in 1905 by the Stuttgart society painter Robert Weise. Anela was a descendent on the maternal side of Edgar's family, and despite world-wide enquiries the location of the portrait is unknown. We would be delighted to hear from anyone with knowledge of its present whereabouts.