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Case History - Halina Ahmed Mohamud

Hailina Ahmed Mohamud was born in a remote area of Kenya where she left home at the age of sixteen, and had not been seen again. We discovered that she trained as a nurse in Nairobi, married an English ornithologist and settled in the United Kingdom. After her husband's premature death Halina moved to Spain where she died in 1999, intestate and with no known relatives. After extensive research in archives in Nairobi Kenya in 2011, and with the assistance of a local community radio station in Isiolo, we traced Halina's family who had historically migrated from Somalia to Kenya. Her father, who had died in 2007, had been a Colonial Police Officer for thirty-six years, and we traced Halina's elderly mother and younger brother living in a remote rural area in the North-Eastern Province. Because of its close proximity to the Somali border the area is unstable and a security risk, and there are many instances of inter-tribal rivalry which are constantly causing injuries and deaths. With limited vital documents we were able to confirm the marriage of Halina's parents from an Elder of the clan Dulbahante to which the family belonged. In order for us to prove the claim the Elder travelled six hundred miles by bus to Nairobi to present evidence. The re-connection with lost members of the family and the substantial legacy has been a life-changing event for the beneficiaries.