confiar en una investigación profesional es determinante

"I am writing to acknowledge that the monies have been paid into my account and to take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done for me. This has made such a vast difference to my way of living as in not having to watch my every penny. Thanks so much again."

MSH, Middleton, Manchester, United Kingdom

"I have received confirmation from Ms. S**** that her account was credited. Ms. S**** asked me to thank you for your efforts in helping her to receive the inherited funds."

Lauris Liepa, Attorney in Law, Riga Latvia

"Just to confirm that I have now received the money and would like to take this opportunity to thank you. It has been a pleasure communicating with you and thank you for your efforts in gaining Eric's money for me.".

JH, Southport Merseyside United Kingdom

"Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put in to trace me and for the payment I received today. It is much appreciated ... all you have done to provide this most unexpected bonanza to Trudy and to me."

JPM, Gauteng South Africa

"My mum was in the country home and only today came to Riga. I can confirm to you now that all is done and the money has safely been received. From myself and in the name of my mum we would like to impress our thanks to you for all the job you did for us. It has been a real pleasure working with you.

DZ, Riga Latvia

"Transfer received today, thanks. Please accept my gratitude for your services on behalf of my mother, uncle, and aunts."

SR, Worcester Park Surrey United Kingdom

"Sir, I have received the payment on the 17th as per swift mail to account ***. I kindly thank you for your straightforward and sincere contract. I had left for different station in Wajir South and could not respond immediately. However I am one who gives credit where it deserves. Thank you, Hussein."

HAM, Wajir Kenya

"Thank you also for confirming that in your opinion the deceased left no living relatives who would be entitled to administer and share in his estate in priority to the Duchy of Lancaster. I now know that I can complete the administration of the deceased's estate and account to my client for the net value thereof in the knowledge that no claims will be received from kin at a later date."

Hon M T Bridges, Solicitor for the Affairs of the Duchy of Lancaster

Como podéis ver aquí tenéis una selección de recomendaciones y homenajes escritos por beneficiarios y clientes a nivel mundial, pero por razones de confidencialidad no hemos podido publicar los nombres de las personas que aún siguen vivientes, pero si desean ver las copias originales de los documentos pongan se en contacto con nosotros y se los enseñamos sin ningún problema.